My child is frustrated with language immersion. Should we pull him out?

My child is frustrated with language immersion. Should we pull him out?

This is a commonly asked question among families whose children attend a language immersion school.

Thankfully, while there may be a brief period of confusion or frustration with being immersed in a language that is not your own, we at Frontiers Academy rarely encounter the problem of ongoing frustration that would prompt a parent to consider pulling their child out of the language immersion school.

What makes Frontiers Academy different?

Here’s how we keep our children happy and frustration-free at Frontiers Academy:

Extensive Training

We provide extensive training to our teachers that is focused on creating happy, well-rounded children. Each individual child’s welfare and education is of utmost importance to us. Our small class sizes and individualized approach ensures that if a child is struggling, we will spot it right away and take immediate measures to make the child feel comfortable and happy again.

Our teachers are also trained to provide a seamless transition from one language to the next, making learning much easier and less frustrating for the child.

Interactive Approach

Our approach at Frontiers Academy is very interactive, hands-on, visual, energetic, and positive. For example, rather than simply instructing the children to do something such as sit down or throw something in the trash, the teacher will model it for the children and then do it with them. We integrate a great deal of movement and energy into our teaching methods, including games and music, making learning fun and engaging for the children.

Individualized Education

At Frontiers Academy, every child is taught at their level. Thus, if a child is in kindergarten but is able to learn at a second grade level, we teach them at a second grade level. We teach each child precisely where they are, without judgment and with positive reinforcement, while gently pushing them to reach their potential.

This “differentiated instruction” eliminates boredom and potential behavioral problems by keeping each child engaged and challenged at an age-appropriate level, and it also removes the frustration of not being able to work as quickly or independently as one’s classmates.

English in Preschool

We employ a “near” full-immersion model of language immersion. Take a look:

My child is frustrated with language immersion. Should we pull her out?









As you can see, we offer some English instruction starting in preschool. (This is different from most full-immersion models, which do not introduce English until around second grade.) While we have other reasons for teaching English in preschool, it is possible that the short “break” in the day where English is spoken provides some relief for the children and reduces any frustration that may be accumulating.

Extended School Day

We schedule our instructional time so that the last 30 minutes of the day are purely for the students to do homework with assistance from the teachers. That way no Mandarin or Spanish homework is sent home (only English). This prevents a great deal of frustration because the children don’t have to worry about not having help at home from their English-only parents.

Parents’ Confidence

And finally, our administrators take great care to ensure that the parents have confidence in our mission and our methods at Frontiers Academy. We welcome all questions and are happy to provide information, support, and education at any time. Once we alleviate your concerns as a parent, you will feel better knowing that any frustration your child may be experiencing will pass, and the benefits of becoming trilingual will enrich them for a lifetime!

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