Elementary and Middle School

Elementary and Middle School

Our elementary classes will be conducted in Mandarin, Spanish, and English. By teaching the content such as mathematics and science in Mandarin and Spanish, our students will acquire the fluency in those target languages.

The Language Immersion Program provides:

Mandarin Chinese

The Frontiers Academy Mandarin Immersion program uses a combination of materials found in successful immersion programs around the United States, as well as grade appropriate Mandarin Chinese materials from Singapore and China! All elementary students receive Chinese Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Technology, Art and P.E. instruction in Mandarin!

Chinese Language Arts

Our student’s Mandarin education begins with simplified characters. As they progress through the years they will be exposed to more materials written in traditional characters. The ultimate goal is to enable them to read both traditional and simplified Mandarin.

Pinyin is introduced in E4 in order to expand a student’s reading vocabulary, to enable self-check in pronunciation, and to ensure proper typing in Chinese.  Introducing Pinyin also prevents confusion with both the English phonics learning that takes place in English and Spanish.

“My Chinese School Book” series is used for E1 and E2. Our E3 students and above use the “Nine Year Compulsory Education” series- Chinese Language Arts-Yuwen.

This series is designed and proved by the Peoples Republic of China, Department of Education. This is the standard Language Arts textbook for native Mandarin speakers!


STEAM- We strive to instill a passion and love of MATH in our students!

At Frontiers Academy, we use a combination of Singapore Math and Chinese Math. Our students continue to test about 1 ½ -2 years above their peers.

Singapore Math is a world renowned Math curriculum that has the potential to advance our students 2-3 years by the time they graduate 8th grade. Our beginning students are taught Math with the Singapore Math curriculum. Once our students have mastered a higher level of Chinese reading, they begin using Chinese Math workbooks.

Chinese Math is a teaching method that is modeled on the mathematics curriculum utilized in China.  Chinese Math was developed in China to teach students to master fewer mathematical concepts but with greater detail and understanding  This method uses a three-step learning model with newer concepts being taught in a progression.  Chinese Math is apart of the “Nine Year Compulsory Education” series.  Mathematical concepts are introduced in the following sequential steps:

  1.  Concrete
  2. Visual Representation
  3. Abstract

As a result, students are not only taught how to do something, but more importantly, why it works.

When you look at Chinese Math and Singapore Math side by side, the concepts are almost identical. The only difference is Chinese Math is written in Chinese, and Singapore Math is written in English!

Chinese Math and Singapore Math are best known for:

  • their ability to understand the “why” behind math concepts

  • teaching math concepts from concrete to abstract, pictorially

  • developing key critical thinking skills

  • employing systematic use of word problems as a way of building the semantics of mathematical operations

  • teaching students to conceptually understand a problem instead of relying on “clue” words

  • linking math into our daily lives

Did you know that an Asian based language, such as Chinese, is the best way to learn Math? Read our blog here: http://www.frontiersacademy.org/the-best-language-for-learning-math/

Science and Technology

STEAM- We strive to instill a passion and love of SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY in our students!

Our Science and Technology curriculum is apart of the “Nine Year Compulsory Education” series, which is designed and proved by the Peoples Republic of China, Department of Education.

The curriculum introduces students to all the major science topics, then each year digs deeper into how to apply it in their daily life. Engineering and design elements, and an hands on approach, are attributes of this successful program.

Engineering and Art

STEAM- We strive to instill a passion and love of ENGINEERING and ART in our students!

Students are taught to use the everyday tools in their environment (T for TECHNOLOGY) and integrate science and math topics to create art masterpieces! Through a variety of techniques and mediums, students learn to design and engineer (E for ENGINEERING) and create their own work! Hands on, cutting, folding, molding, designing.


Our Art curriculum is apart of the “Nine Year Compulsory Education” series, which is designed and proved by the Peoples Republic of China, Department of Education.

P.E. (Physical Education)

  • Frontiers Academy P.E. curriculum includes 2 periods of general education P.E. to meet the gross motor requirements set by the Department of Education, instructed in Chinese. The Department of Education requirements include cardio, strength training, and gross motor development.

Spanish Literacy

The Frontiers Academy Spanish Language Acquisition program uses a combination of materials found in successful immersion programs around the United States, as well as grade appropriate native Spanish books from Mexico and Spain!  All elementary students receive 60 minutes of Spanish Language Arts each day!

The program is designed to develop communication skills both in oral and written Spanish, and to introduce the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world.

Our students will gain Spanish fluency by experiencing the language in real-life situations and through the teaching of subject content using Spanish.

Frontiers Academy has a partnership with the International Spanish Academies (Embassy of Spain). The Embassy provides high quality books, curriculum recommendations, and support for our program.



All elementary students rotate into English class each day! The goal for our English program is to support the students development of a strong English foundation. Classroom instruction is designed to meet and exceed the standards set forth by the State of California. Our English curriculum was chosen through years of research and the guidance of our English advisors. We use Core Knowledge (www.coreknowledge.org)  in our English classes. On average, our students are about 2 years advanced over their peers in public schools!

Core Knowledge

Core knowledge is a well rounded, content rich, core curriculum, that aims to balance the acquisition of knowledge with a corresponding acquisition of skills. It builds a foundation from which students are able to analyze, categorize and apply this newly processed information as they continue with their education. The curriculum focus on academic excellence, greater equality, and high literacy, while being coherent and cumulative. The more you know, the more you are able to learn.

Core Knowledge offers a rigorous, systematic, logically sequential curriculum that is engaging with accounts of literature, history and geography. These form the core of information a student needs to have acquired to succeed in a new age of global information. Core Knowledge is not a textbook, it an academic core of knowledge that will prepare students for a fulfilling and productive future. This academic core is in line with the same core that is offered at the best educational systems around the world.

At Frontiers Academy, we strive to give our students the ability to think critically and solve problems through use of the Core Knowledge curriculum. Students are taught with grade level appropriate curriculum, however are advanced through gaining deeper critical thinking skills and a global perspective on the world.

Our students are taught grade level specific English Language Arts including: listening and speaking, reading, writing, literature, poetry, decoding, written composition, sayings and phrases. History, Geography, Music, and Art History are also integrated into our English class.

Science, art, and math are primarily taught in Chinese. Science, art, and math leveled readers are used to ensure our students have a full understanding of the materials being presented in other languages.

To learn more about Core Knowledge, visit www.coreknowledge.org


Students will be taught a portion of English Language Arts using the Spalding Curriculum, which is a scientific based, phonogram program designed to help students become highly successful English readers, writers, and spellers. All levels of the English Language are integrated; phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, high frequency vocabulary, word meanings and usage, word parts, grammar, composition, literary appreciation, text structure, fluency, listening, and reading comprehension, with a primary focus on the spelling and handwriting portions. Students are taught with appropriate grade level curriculum, however they are advanced through reading and critical thinking projects.

The Spalding Method was created with the belief that education begins with literacy. Spalding instruction is explicit, interactive, diagnostic, and mulit-sensory. High expectations form the core of the Spalding Method philosophy. Students see, hear, say and write to enhance retention. High frequency words are introduced in spelling followed a writing lesson in which the meaning and usage of these words is taught.

The Spalding Method utilizes a phonogram program. This program teaches the student that the English language is composed of sounds that are unique to a group of letters as opposed to individual sounds as taught in traditional phonics. This enables the student to increase his/her reading fluency and comprehension. For example, Spalding teaches that combination of the letters: dge is a phonogram and makes the sound “j.” When a student attempts to read the word: bridge, the student will read and pronounce it as: b +r+i+j. The student is not left struggling to pronounce this word by sounding out each letter.

Cursive is introduced at the end of 2nd grade per Spalding Curriculum. Cursive is mastered in 3rd grade.

Spalding is time tested and validated by current research. Want to learn more about Spalding? Visit www.spalding.org




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