English Language Arts

English is an integral part of each student’s daily learning.  The goal for our English program is to support the students’ development of a strong language arts foundation. Classroom instruction is designed to not only meet, but exceed the standards set forth by the State of California. Our English curriculum was chosen through years of research and the guidance of our English advisors. We use Core Knowledge curriculum in all of our English classes. On average, our students read approximately two years ahead of their grade-level peers in public schools.

Core Knowledge is a content-rich core curriculum that aims to balance acquisition of knowledge with a corresponding acquisition of skills. It builds a foundation from which students are able to analyze, categorize, and apply this newly processed information as they continue with their education.  Offering a rigorous, systematic, logically sequential curriculum that is engaging with accounts of literature, history, and geography, the curriculum focuses on academic excellence and high literacy.

The principles of Core Knowledge form the core of information our students need to have mastered to succeed in a new age of global information and prepare themselves for a fulfilling and productive future.  Around the world, the best educational systems utilize the Core Knowledge philosophy to help their students thrive and learn in a uniquely academic environment.

Here at Frontiers Academy, we strive to give our students the ability to think critically and solve problems throughout our curriculum.  Our students are taught above-grade-level English language arts including listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Elements of history, geography, and music are also integrated into our English classes.

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