Iowa Assessment Results

In May, our first, second, and third grade students took the Iowa Assessments.  This test measuring student achievement and monitoring progress is a standardized test used across the nation.  Our reading comprehension results, with our students performing above grade level, were shared at our end of the year program.  In math, our students also scored in a remarkably high percentile.  Below are the results for our students compared to national and private school norms.  It is great to see how our students are doing compared to their grade level peers across the nation, but it is especially wonderful to see how great they are compared to private schools across the country.  It is important to note that our students are learning math in Mandarin and are being compared to students that are studying math and spending their time in only one language, while our students seamlessly transfer between three languages throughout the course of a single school day.

2017 ITBS Frontiers Academy Math Results




Our students ranked compared to National Norms




Our results, supporting the body of research for students in immersions programs, show that the students continue to gain skills and surpass their grade level peers, especially as the students get older and have been part of a language immersion for several years.  In comparison to private school norms, our students have scored in the top half of those tested and above the 75% in many academic areas.


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