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Language Immersion School serving Brea

Looking for a language school in North Orange County for Preschool -3rd grade?  Frontiers Academy, based in Anaheim, CA, is a trilingual elementary immersion school that offers children a unique academic experience and the opportunity to learn Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish and English.

Frontiers Academy was founded to prepare children to enter an extremely complex and competitive global economy after their formal education and to create a strong foundation for future personal and academic growth. We structure our school, advanced curriculum, and learning environment in such a way as to foster excellence in each individual student, and to create life-long discipline and a love of learning.

Frontiers Academy is unique because of the language component of our teaching strategy; however, we also wish our students to excel academically. We focus much of our curriculum on the core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum to ensure the language curriculum is balanced.

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  • Smaller class sizes. Please read our recent blog post about the benefits of smaller classes here.
  • Advanced curriculum. Generally, our curriculum is 1 to 2 grades higher than the public school curriculum.
  • A sense of community. A common bond of language and experience unites our students, teachers and families together. A mutual love of culture and appreciation for the diversity in each individual’s experience create a heightened sense of belonging and appreciation.
  • Dedicated and highly-trained teachers. Each of our teachers is credentialed, has a Bachelor of Arts/Sciences Degree (or higher), and has experienced an immersion school through previous teaching experience or from their own educational experience.  They also each have a passion and love for guiding and educating students.
  • A whole child approach. We care deeply that each of our students receives a strong academic education, as well as training to be a productive member of society. This includes cultural sensitivity, confidence, creativity, compassion for others, philanthropy and a high standard for integrity.

Benefits of Language Immersion

Many parents are initially concerned about their child’s well-being and stress level in a language immersion school. We have found time after time that the benefits far outweigh any frustration of learning a new language. We understand that parents are concerned about how their child will interact with other English speakers outside of school, and how they can participate in their child’s education if they don’t speak the language. These are valid questions, and we recommend contacting our school administrators to talk through your child’s specific needs or any concerns you may have by calling 714.930.6638.

Here are some benefits of language immersion you may not have heard of:

  • Bilingualism/Trilingualism increases mental flexibility for children
  • Bilingual/Trilingual children are more willing and able to learn additional languages
  • Bilingual/Trilingual children score higher on verbal standardized tests conducted in English
  • Bilingual/Trilingual children perform better in math and have stronger logic skills
  • Bilingual/Trilingual children are able to solve problems more quickly and more accurately
  • Bilingual/Trilingual children have a higher print awareness (reading) level

Research to support each of these claims can be found on our immersion page here.

Ready to enroll your child?

Simply complete your online application here or give us a call at 714.930.6638 to schedule a tour of our campus and speak with a school administrator. We look forward to hearing from you!

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