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Language Immersion School in Huntington BeachWelcome to Frontiers Academy! We invite you to take a look around our website to learn more about us, and please contact us with any questions you may have, or to schedule a tour of our facilities.

Frontiers Academy is a trilingual language immersion school based in Anaheim and serving Huntington Beach and all of Orange County. Our goal is to produce trilingual and triliterate students in the languages of Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English, as well as well-rounded and successful global citizens. We accomplish these goals by providing a competitive, comprehensive curriculum taught by highly skilled teachers in a caring, challenging, and fun learning environment.

If you are here, it’s likely because you are considering language immersion for your child. You see the benefits of learning a foreign language – especially in today’s global society – and you want your child to have access to the most opportunities possible in his or her life. But why choose language immersion over language lessons? Is there really a benefit to the immersion model? Will it be too difficult for your child?

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions parents ask about language immersion:

Why immersion?

If you are trying to choose between language immersion and another private school, or comparing language immersion with foreign language classes, we invite you to take a look at all the benefits of language immersion.

With foreign language lessons, the student is taught a foreign language. With language immersion, the student is taught in a foreign language. That means the school day is broken up into sections whereby all core curriculum (math, science, social studies, etc.) is taught in a foreign language. At Frontiers Academy, English language proficiency is taught beginning in preschool and reinforced throughout to ensure mastery of the English language as well as the foreign languages.

Is language immersion frustrating for children?

Young children’s brains are hardwired to be able to soak up new languages quickly and without accent, so they catch on rather quickly. Temporary frustration or confusion is very common among first-time immersion learners and generally lasts from a couple of weeks to two months. Children are generally very resilient and will soon feel comfortable in the new language.

You will notice that your child will initially understand more than they can speak, which is perfectly natural. (Remember when you could give a simple command to your one-year-old and they could understand what you were saying and follow your command, but couldn’t repeat it back to you? It’s the same idea here.)

It typically takes three to five years to develop both oral and written proficiency in a new language, but you’ll be amazed at how much your child will learn in two years.

We already speak Chinese at home. Does my child still need immersion?

Even if a language is spoken at home, most children regress or even stop speaking Mandarin as they develop socially and academically in an English environment. Language immersion is important for retention because the child learns and interacts with peers in the foreign language. Furthermore, fluency in reading and writing Chinese is extremely difficult to accomplish without intensive academic training.

We only speak English at home. Can my child still become fluent?

Yes! Frontiers Academy will provide parents with helpful tips and resources so they can offer support and assistance to their children at home, reinforcing what they are learning at school and setting them up for success!

Here’s the breakdown of our full immersion model:


Any questions? Contact Frontiers Academy today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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