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Language Immersion School serving Anaheim Hills, California

Frontiers Academy Trilingual Immersion School in Anaheim Hills is offering Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish and English language arts education.

Frontiers Academy is Now Enrolling Anaheim Hills Students

Frontiers Academy Trilingual Language Immersion School is a unique education for your child offering Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English language education, as well as advanced academics in mathematics and science.

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Our Most Common Questions:

We don’t speak any Mandarin or Spanish at home; how can I support my child’s learning?

A school can only be successful with the support of dedicated parents. We value parents’ interest and desire to be a part of the children’s learning. Being a language immersion school, we anticipate that most families will not speak the language taught in school. With this in mind, the school sets expectations about curriculum before the school year and communicates regularly with parents about classroom activities and homework. We also have an after-school homework club where students can get extra help from teachers.

Can my child really retain three languages?

Being trilingual as an adult seems daunting and expensive. We tend to think learning a language requires hours of studying, college coursework, and a lot of vocabulary lessons. However, research shows that children who are introduced to language at a young age have the potential to be truly proficient in it. Their brains are naturally programmed to pick up language at the beginning of their lives.

This allows Frontiers Academy to employ the “full immersion” model, where preschool, kindergarten and first graders are taught 80% Mandarin, 10% Spanish and 10% English. By second grade, the curriculum is recalibrated to 50% Mandarin, 35% English and 15% Spanish. Eventually, the languages will be so foundational to their understanding of the world, they will simply need to maintain and expand their vocabulary and fluency.

Will my child fall behind other children their age?

A common concern for parents with children in immersion school is whether their child is at the same level of proficiency in English reading and writing as students in non-immersion schools. This is a valid concern, but throughout our years of teaching this model and research in the field, we find that by the second or third grade they’ll be at or above the level of their peers, and as an extreme bonus, they’ll read, write and speak Mandarin. (Genesee, F. (1987). Learning through two languages: Studies of immersion and bilingual education. Rowley, MA: Newbury).

If you have specific questions about your child’s ability to be successful in a language immersion environment, we are happy to discuss it with you.  Please contact us via email or give us a call today at 714-930-6638.



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