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Welcome to Frontiers Academy – Educating Children for a World of Opportunities

Language Immersion School in IrvineFrontiers Academy is a trilingual language immersion school teaching children to become fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English. We use cutting edge techniques and state-of-the-art curriculum to provide a comprehensive education – subjects including math, science, social studies, language arts and more.

These subjects are taught in a foreign language at a time in the child’s life when they are developmentally able to learn foreign languages easily and quickly. The end result are well-educated individuals with a strong work ethic, an understanding of cultures around the globe, and a love of learning.

We are currently accepting applications for preschool-3rd grade. Apply today!

Located in Anaheim and proudly serving families in Irvine and all over Orange County, Frontiers Academy was founded with the goal of educating children – our next generation of leaders – in a positive environment, engaging them using time-tested methods and inspiring them to become productive citizens of the world.

In addition to multiple-language development, students will be guided in the mastery of foundational skills, knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, creativity and independence. Our curriculum is designed and taught with the understanding that each student learns differently.

Our highly trained and experienced teachers combine proven techniques with their infectious love of learning, language, and culture to create the optimal environment for trilingual development! Meet our faculty here.

Language Immersion School in Irvine – Our Approach

At Frontiers Academy, we take a 6-pronged approach to trilingual immersion:

1. Innovation – We provide an innovative immersion program and an advanced academic program for children whose first language is English.

2. Proficiency – We ensure equal proficiency of English language arts – reading, writing, phonics, spelling.

3. Excellence – Our curriculum meets and exceeds state standards and promotes excellence across all core academic disciplines.

4. Guidance – We provide guidance to our students as they learn and master foundational and advanced academic skills.

5. Safe Environment – We foster an environment of confidence and security.

6. Strong Core Values – We teach our students to show respect, compassion, and appreciation for all cultures and all individuals.

Why Language Immersion?

You can see some of the benefits to having your child learn a foreign language and become bilingual or trilingual – but why language immersion? What’s the difference between language immersion and extra-curricular language lessons?

In a language immersion program, students develop proficiency in the second (and third) language by hearing it and using it to learn all their school subjects, as opposed to just studying the language itself. Immersion programs are known to be the most effective way to learn to speak, read, and write in a foreign language, and immersion learners have shown superior academic achievements across the board than non-immersion learners.

Visit our Why Immersion? page for more insights and information about foreign language immersion.

Learning at Frontiers Academy is fun, challenging, and enriching for our students and their families. Have questions about sending your child to a language immersion school in Irvine? Please feel free to call us if any of your questions are not answered here. (714) 930-6638

Frontiers Academy - Advanced Academic Language Immersion School