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Language Immersion School in Laguna Niguel

Welcome to Frontiers Academy! We are a trilingual language immersion school based in Anaheim and proudly serving Laguna Niguel and all of Orange County. Students will become fluent and literate in Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English.

We currently offer Preschool-3rd Grade. A 4th Grade class will be open in the 2017-18 academic year, with another grade level added each year thereafter. Click here to apply.

What if you could give your child any gift in the world? You wouldn’t give them something they could use once or twice and then throw away. You’d give them something lasting, something that would enrich their life in as many ways as possible.

As a parent you value your child’s education but perhaps you’ve never considered that the big gift. Well, now you can. At Frontiers Academy, your child will become triliterate and trilingual in Mandarin, Spanish, and English. Language immersion has been studied extensively (read about the Research here) and proven to make kids smarter, better thinkers, and produce higher standardized test scores, not to mention opening up a world of opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise have been available to them.

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Is it hard to learn a foreign language?

It is so much easier for a young child to learn a foreign language than an adult. Think about it: Did you teach your children English? Well, yes and no. You didn’t sit them in a desk and lecture to them about verb conjugations and proper grammar; you spoke it, modeled it, used objects, body language, even songs and books to communicate it. Once they were toddlers, they began to pick it up easily. And before they could speak, they understood much more than they could say.

Children are at such an advantage when it comes to foreign language acquisition, so the earlier you can introduce it, the better. Their brains are hard wired to soak up a foreign language quickly and perfectly (without accent!). And a language immersion environment will help them retain the languages so they last a lifetime. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!

Are you considering enrolling your child in foreign language classes rather than an immersion school? Read this quick article about the differences between language immersion and language classes.

Language Immersion School serving Laguna Niguel – Frontiers Academy

Frontiers Academy provides a wonderful environment of spirited learning for your child. Our challenging curriculum provides a comprehensive education that rivals any private or public school, meeting and/or exceeding state standards and emphasizing differentiated instruction, meaning every child is taught at his or her level, being ever motivated and gently pushed to meet their potential.

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At Frontiers Academy, our approach is:

  • Innovation – We provide an innovative approach to Mandarin, Spanish and English immersion for children whose first language is English
  • Proficiency – We stress equal proficiency of the English language – reading, writing, spelling, and phonics
  • Excellence – Our integrated curriculum fosters excellence across all core academic disciplines and meets or exceeds all state standards
  • Guidance – Our amazing teachers provide guidance for mastering foundational skills and critical thinking, as well as to acquire knowledge, creativity, and independence
  • Safe Environment – Our secure environment encourages confidence and risk-taking for better learning
  • Strong Values – Our strong value system emphasizes compassion and dignity for all cultures and individuals

We invite you to learn more about Frontiers Academy. Call us with any questions you may have, or to schedule a tour of our facilities! (714) 930-6638

Frontiers Academy - Advanced Academic Language Immersion School