Chinese Language Arts

Our students’ Mandarin education begins with simplified characters. Pinyin is introduced in E3 in order to expand the students’ reading vocabulary, to enable self-check in pronunciation, and to ensure proper typing in Chinese.  Introducing Pinyin at that stage also prevents confusion with the phonics learning that takes place in both English and Spanish.

“My Chinese School Book” series is used to promote Mandarin language development throughout the elementary grades. The reading materials are steeped in culture, and provide an outlet for speaking practice as students go through the lessons. Additional materials are used to enhance students’ progression.

Starting in E3, students begin to compose original work in Mandarin, including short book reports and basic essays.  Mandarin keyboarding is introduced in the elementary years to ensure a good foundation for the students’ future in communication

Students are encouraged at each level to practice their speaking skills through conversation, sharing, and presenting to their peers in a classroom setting.

A third grader’s letter to one of our faculty

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