STEAM – We strive to instill a passion and love of MATH in our students!

At Frontiers Academy, we use a combination of Singapore Math and Nine-Year Compulsory Education texts. Our students continue to test 1½ -2 years above their grade-level peers in public schools.

Singapore Math is a world-renowned mathematics curriculum that goes beyond simply learning, actually encouraging students to truly master and understand math concepts. Our beginning students are taught math using the Singapore Math curriculum and then transitioned to Mandarin math workbooks once they have mastered a high enough level of Chinese reading to comprehend mathematical vocabulary.

The Nine-Year Compulsory Education system is a teaching method that is modeled on the mathematics curriculum utilized in China.  Developed in China to teach students to master fewer mathematical concepts but with greater detail and understanding, this method uses a three-step learning model, with newer concepts being taught in a progression.  Mathematical concepts are introduced in the following sequential steps:

  1. Concrete
  2. Visual Representation
  3. Abstract

As a result, students are not only taught how to do something, but more importantly, why it works.

When you look at the two programs used by Frontiers Academy side by side, the concepts are almost identical, with the only difference being the language in which each is written.

The previously mentioned curriculums are best known for:

  • their ability to understand the “why” behind math concepts
  • teaching math concepts from concrete to abstract, pictorially
  • developing key critical thinking skills
  • teaching students to conceptually understand a problem instead of relying on “clue” words
  • linking math into our daily lives

Did you know that an Asian-based language such as Chinese is the best way to learn Math? Read our article to find out why.

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