New Happenings at Frontiers Academy

This summer, we here at Frontiers Academy are working on further improving our curriculum, schedules, programs, and special events for this upcoming school year.  It is important to take time during the summer to both reflect on the things that went very well and look for areas that we would like to improve.  Many families have shared with us how happy they are with their children’s progress in language development and have informed us that their children truly look forward to coming to school each day.  We are establishing special STEAM centers in our preschool classrooms for the children to learn from and explore each day, all of which will include many activities from science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.

In addition, the Frontiers Academy team would like to increase emphasis on our elementary division science curriculum.  We are especially working on adding a technology component that includes using computers and learning the beginning steps of computer coding.  A background in coding helps students to develop problem-solving skills and gives them a real-world understanding into the world of technology occupations.  We will continue to share throughout the summer what we are doing to prepare for the start of the school year.

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