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Frontiers Academy – Orange County’s Premier Trilingual Language Immersion School

Newport Beach Language Immersion SchoolWelcome to Frontiers Academy! Obviously you are here because you care about your child’s education and you realize the benefits of learning a foreign language. We welcome you and invite you to take a look around our site and learn more about us! We hope to demonstrate the world of possibilities that will be open to your child by becoming trilingual.

Frontiers Academy is a trilingual immersion school teaching Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, and English in a positive, academically challenging environment.

We teach all core subjects – math, science, social studies, language arts, and more – and rather than teaching a foreign language, we teach in a foreign language. And we do it during the optimum time for a child to easily and quickly acquire multiple languages.

Our students learn to excel academically in all core subjects (mastering foundational skills, knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, creativity, and independence) as they become trilingual and tri-literate. We also stress a well-rounded English language arts education to ensure our students have a solid foundation in their first language of English.

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Frontiers Academy currently offers preschool-3rd grade!

Our highly skilled teachers use innovative, proven curriculum designed with the knowledge that each student learns differently. Meet our amazing faculty here.

Language Immersion School – Why Immersion?

Language immersion is the fastest growing and most effective way to learn a foreign language in the U.S.

Frontiers Academy employs the “full immersion” model. In partial immersion programs, instructional time is split equally between English and the immersion language in elementary grades. In full immersion programs, teachers use no English at all in the early grades. In Grade 2, 3, or 4, teachers introduce English language arts and reading for one period per day and gradually move toward an even distribution of English and the immersion language by Grade 5 or 6.

At Frontiers Academy, we have a slightly different approach. We begin teaching English language arts in preschool to ensure our students have a solid proficiency in English.

Are there benefits to language immersion?

Yes! Studies have shown that students in language immersion schools outperform those in general education schools in a number of areas. Among other things, some of the cognitive benefits include:

  • Bilingualism and trilingualism increases mental flexibility for children
  • Bilingual children are more willing and able to learn a third language
  • Bilingual and trilingual children score higher on verbal standardized tests conducted in English
  • Bilingual and trilingual children perform better in math and have stronger logic skills

View our Research page for more information on all the wonderful cognitive and academic benefits of language immersion!

We would love to meet you in person, answer all your questions, and show you around our facilities. Please call us to schedule a tour! (714) 930-6638

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