Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy


The Frontiers Academy mission is to provide trilingual fluency and an intellectually challenging, advanced curriculum in Mandarin, Spanish, and English integrated within the preschool, elementary, and middle school program. It is through this program that we will educate and inspire our students to become citizens of the world — cross-cultural leaders, creative problem-solvers, and team builders.


Frontiers Academy is an independent private school designed to meet the growing domestic and international demand for well-educated global citizens. Frontiers Academy provides an innovative language immersion program and an advanced academic program for students whose first language is English.

The integrated curriculum begins in preschool and continues through the middle school grades. It will foster excellence across all academic disciplines, not only meeting but exceeding academic standards of the State of California. In addition to multiple-language development, students will be guided in the mastery of foundational skills, knowledge acquisition, critical thinking, creativity, and independence. Curriculum is designed and taught with the understanding that each student learns differently.


As a school we instill in our administration, faculty, and students a strong core value system, with integrity and personal responsibility as key components. We embrace strong work ethics, independent development, and personal creativity. We acknowledge the value and development of the whole child; therefore, we encourage compassion and dignity for all cultures and individuals. It is through adoption of these core values that we will inspire and sculpt global leaders of tomorrow.

Frontiers Academy - Advanced Academic Language Immersion School