Parent Conferences – Next Week

We believe that continual and open communication is key to our students being successful in school.  This is why we have parent/teacher conferences scheduled early in the year and well before report cards come out.  This time provides you a chance to share about your child and learn from the teacher what they have observed up to this point in the quarter.  This is also a great time to form a partnership with your child’s teachers so that positive, open communication can continue throughout the year.

With parent/teacher conferences we sometimes also see stress.  Our teachers have a very busy week scheduled with teaching, planning, preparing materials as usual, and also a full schedule of meetings.  Parents, too, also feel stress in trying to take time away from their normal schedule to participate in several meetings at school.  This can, at times, create communication barriers.  My recommendation is to always approach these meetings knowing that you are on the same team and are working to make this the best year possible for your young person.  

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