Respect at Frontiers Academy

Respect – How do we define respect and how do we teach children to be respectful?  At Frontiers Academy, we work on this every day and believe we are making a difference.  First of all, we must establish a common language so that we all understand what respect looks and sounds like.  We share with our students that it is respectful to listen when someone is speaking to them, have their eyes on the speaker, and then to think about how they respond before speaking.  We ask our students to greet adults they see by saying “hello” or “good morning” and that they use kind words with each other.  We also ask the same of our teachers so that we maintain a positive environment.  Together, we can create this community agreement, centered around the concept of treating others with “high regard”, and it will be what makes our school a successful learning environment and will give our students a chance to reach their highest potential.

Frontiers Academy - Advanced Academic Language Immersion School