Science, Coding, Engineering

Science, Coding, and Engineering

STEAM – We strive to instill a passion and love of SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, and ENGINEERING in our students!

Our science curriculum is a part of the “Nine-Year Compulsory Education” series, which is designed and proven by the People’s Republic of China, Department of Education.  The curriculum introduces students to all the major science topics, then cumulatively digs deeper into how to apply the concepts in their daily lives.

Technology is introduced through the pertinent concept of coding.  Coding is prevalent and integral in a 21st-century society, and our goal is to prepare our students for every avenue of life.  The focus on coding allows students to speak, in effect, a fourth language: that of technology.

Construction and design elements coupled with a hands-on approach are the chief attributes of our successful engineering program.  Through a variety of techniques and mediums, students are taught to use the everyday tools in their environment and integrate science and math topics to design and engineer their own work.  Hands-on cutting, folding, molding, and designing are the key features of this program.

Gardening and healthy eating are also a part of our science program!

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