Spanish Language and Culture

The Frontiers Academy Spanish language acquisition program uses a combination of materials found in successful immersion programs around the United States alongside many grade-appropriate native Spanish books from Mexico and Spain.  All elementary students receive 60 minutes of Spanish Language Arts each day.

Frontiers Academy has a partnership with the International Spanish Academies (Embassy of Spain).  The Embassy provides high quality books, curriculum recommendations, and support for our program.  Materials used are rich in culture, using hundreds of authentic books including guided reading, poetry collections, and informational texts.

The program is designed to develop communication skills both in oral and written Spanish, and to introduce our students to the rich culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  Speaking, listening, phonics, and vocabulary development are all incorporated into our hands-on approach to learning.  Our students gain Spanish fluency through experiencing the language in real-life situations, which gives them an authentic view into day-to-day usage of the Spanish language.

Frontiers Academy - Advanced Academic Language Immersion School