STEAM Education

The world of academics is forever changing.  Even as we speak, new studies are coming out on how children respond to learning. We know that children learn better in a hands on environment. When a child is engaged in learning, the child is actively processing the information that is being given to them. Many children do not learn well by just reading a book or being lectured to; they need to see, feel, hear, taste and create what they are learning. For this reason, STEAM was developed.

STEAM or Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, was developed to help teach a child to love learning by experiencing it first hand. By allowing a child to engage in voluntarily learning through experimentation, the child becomes fully engaged in the activity. This then allows the child to become devoted to the activity in which they are actively participating in. The child learns to ask questions, experiment, process data, and come to conclusions. This helps a child to learns how to think critically and come to conclusions of their own, rather than accept what other tell them to be truths. STEAM gives them the tools to become independent thinkers and doers.

Encouraging a child to become a life long learner is another benefit of a STEAM education. It allows the child to turn everyday experiences into learning processes. Many of today’s occupations require the critical thinkers to also be creative thinkers. By giving your children the option to have a hands on STEAM education you are providing the best option of giving them the tools to learn how to be both.

Lets continue to give our children a love of learning, pride in academics, and the tools to succeed in any STEAM career they so choose!

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